Apply to have a tree planted, or volunteer to help Rooted in Laramie plant trees around town!

Want to have a tree planted in your front yard? We are now accepting applications for our next 80 trees, which will be planted on Saturday, June 13. Fill out the online application below, and we’ll be in touch!


In the fall of 2018, a “tree-o” of Laramie locals—City Arborist Randy Overstreet, Tiger Tree tree company owner Jeff Smith, and “tree area” homeowner Hilery Lindmier—became concerned that the rate of tree planting in Laramie wasn’t matching (much less exceeding) the rate of tree removal.

Just over the hill in the capital city, an organization called Rooted in Cheyenne was working to solve the very same problem: How could locals come together to establish a long-term tree planting program and cultivate greener, healthier, more livable neighborhoods?



It didn’t take long to realize that this type of organization was exactly what Laramie needed—and that Randy, Jeff, and Hilery were just the team to make it happen.

From this energy, and with the blessing and support of Rooted in Cheyenne, Rooted in Laramie was born.

This year, in addition to becoming an official 501(c)3 nonprofit, we’ve also added three new board members and made plans to plant 100 new trees this spring and fall!

We’re thrilled by the support Rooted in Laramie has received so far, and we feel honored to be bringing this program to life in a city we love so much.


Rooted in Laramie not only provides property owners with access to low-cost trees, but also will help property owners find the perfect spot for their tree to live; plant, mulch, and stake the tree; provide a slow-release watering bag to help with watering requirements; and provide a year of health checks to ensure the new tree grows healthy and strong.



Our mission is to create and maintain a long-term tree planting program that:


  • Supports a more diverse and resilient tree canopy
  • Cultivates greener, healthier and more livable neighborhoods
  • Builds neighborhood involvement and community pride through volunteerism and environmental stewardship
  • Helps educate the community about proper planting and care of trees, and the benefits they provide


We’ll be planting our second round of trees late this September.

And while we don’t have the date set quite yet, we’d love for you to join us—so please sign up, and we’ll be in contact!


For just $50, you’ll receive a visit from an trained arborist, who will help you find the perfect location for your new tree; the tree itself, including staking, mulching and a slow-release water bag to ensure the tree receives enough water throughout the summer; in-person health-checks and e-mail reminders about caring for your tree; and a plan for long-term tree care for you to follow once that first year is complete.

Currently we are able to plant trees within Laramie and up to 1/2 mile outside of city limits. Quantities are limited and are on a first-come, first-serve basis following payment.

Due to uncertainties with the pandemic and the strain it is putting on nonprofits, Rooted in Laramie will not be holding a fall planting. We will be using this time to regroup and do some fundraising in preparation for our Spring 2021 planting. If you are interested in purchasing a tree for next year, please fill out an application, and we’ll be in touch in late winter/early spring as details emerge.

Sadly, the mortality rate for new trees is around 25%. We do all we can to give each tree the best start possible and help remind program participants to water, but Rooted in Laramie cannot guarantee any tree’s survival nor can we replace any trees that die for free. If your tree does die, please re-apply; we’d love to work with you to try again!




Without the generous support of our partners, none of what we do would be possible. Want to join them in support of a greener, healthier Laramie? Let us know! 


We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about Rooted in Laramie, our upcoming events, or how you can become part of our wonderful team of volunteers.